10 Jun, 2022

Industry and business in crisis due to lack of regular power supply in Chitwan

Chitwan. Industries and businesses in the district are in crisis due to lack of regular power supply. Not only the industry but also the general public has been suffering due to the problem of power outage dozens of times a day.

Industries and the general public have reconnected after the Bharatpur Distribution Center cut off power supply without any notice. Many have complained that the problem was caused by the negligence of the Nepal Electricity Authority’s Bharatpur distribution center.

A few days ago, a representative of the Chitwan Industries Association informed NEA Executive Director Kulman Ghising about the problem. Chairman of the Chitwan Industries Association Trilochan Kandel said that the industry could not run. Stating that there is no condition to run the generator due to the high price of diesel, he complained that the workers have to be kept in the same condition all day long. He said, “Industries are in crisis due to power crisis. The equipment has been burnt and huge damage has been caused. ”

He said that NEA has not listened to the problems of industrialists. He informed that even the raw materials are destroyed due to intermittent power outage in some industries. He said that it has become difficult to pay bank installments and interest as the industry is not able to operate regularly at a time when the economy is declining.

Rajendra Oli, an old businessman who has been running the plastics industry, complained that even though he was able to work as per schedule during load shedding, it is now more chaotic. Oli, the operator of Plastotech Nepal and Ashirwad Pipe Industries, says that even the raw material is destroyed when electricity is heated.

Oli, who is also the second vice-president of the Chitwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, complained that the NEA has not paid attention to the problems of the industry. He says that if such a situation prevails, the industry will not be able to operate. In addition to the industry, the general public has been disturbed due to electricity. Those who do small business are forced to keep inverters. Residents of Bharatpur, who removed the inverter after the scheduled load shedding, have been forced to reconnect. Devi Prasad Sharma of Bharatpur-10 alleged that the problem was created due to the collusion of NEA officials and businessmen including inverters.

Students have been hit hard by unannounced load shedding. People’s lives have been affected due to frequent power outages in hot places like Chitwan. Rajiv Kumar Singh, head of the Electricity Authority’s Bharatpur Distribution Center, claims that there have been power outages from time to time due to construction work and upgrading of electricity. According to him, power is being improved in many places.

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